Garry Oberholtzer – Guitar

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   17, hopeful, and somewhat hard headed, Garry has had the relentless goal of expressing himself through his instrument and working toward a career in which he can do that in his future.

   Playing music for 9 years and his guitar for 7, he’s worked relentlessly to better himself not only as a musician but a person. Music has been his only outlet and has helped him through highs and lows, struggling with money, family, death, and over all a bad atmosphere.

   He has been through 6 bands now, some more successful than the last only locals may recognize such as The Gentlemen or Aim for Grey. He participates in many forms of music and has obtained a unique style in doing so taking inspiration from Brian Haner jr., Gary Moore, Rob Scallon, and much more.

   One day, Garry’s closest childhood friend, The Disapproved’s bassist, Julian Weber, had found the shining light of the final member of the disapproved, Katelyn Marie, and had decided to join to save the band and make something special. Now with Julian’s amazing outgoing showmanship, Garry’s dream and passion, and Katelyn’s determination and amazing, talented voice, we’re not here to just have ourselves a good time being close friends, we’re here to give an amazing show to people like you and make you happier, maybe even change some lives.

   Come see us live and support us and you’ll see the bond this band has forged.